I’m Going on a Hike! 

Yes, I read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Yes, I watched the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon. Yes, Ive seen The Revenant and yes, that bear scene is pretty horrible. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I’m going to go on a hike, alone, and I’ll be just fine… Or I won’t. But I will! 

Let me start off by saying I’m not a “hiker”. I’m more of a sit on my couch with a beer or a glass of red wine and crochet or read a good book kinda girl. My normal day to day routines are just that… routine. On Mondays I like to go to the movies, on Thursdays I go to a restaurant and read my book, have a beer, order food to-go and do just that and on Sunday’s I go to the local brewery for day drinking. In between that I make time for dinners and drinks with friends, go on dates, visit loved ones out of town, take walks around nearby parks, shop for groceries, go get my nails done, pay bills and live life. I need something more… Anything but my normal! So I woke up one morning and decided to make a change. Without thinking too hard about it, I called my parents and informed them that I’d be hiking the Mountain to Sea Trail in NC and that I’d be going solo. 


So now I’ve researched everything from “how to become a hiker” to “how not to die alone in the middle of nowhere” and everything else in between I could get my hands on that would be useful for keeping me alive and well for about three months for this trip. I’ve read countless books, blogs and gear articles and have taken classes, learned survival skills and I’m still not 100% prepared. I don’t think I ever will be and that’s part of the excitement of this whole trip… The unknown. The adventure! 

[I wasn’t going to write a blog or post pictures on social media often because I really did want this trek to be me getting away from all the shit that made me want to get away from it all in the first place. But, because so many people are asking about it and because I’m a nice friend to you crazies reading this right now, I’ll do my best to update my adventure, here, when I feel like it. If you guys want to hear more about my trip, come and find me for a visit on the trail. Also, it’s going to be written (I’m guessing) mostly grammatically incorrect and have lots of “shit” and “fucks” by the time I’m finished with this hike. Your choice to read it or not.] 

For those still reading this… Here’s a map of my route. 


 I’ll have another update in the next week or so that will show all my gear and gear info for those who are nerdy enough or just curious enough to check it out. 

Happy Trails,


Instagram: @kbrookshire 


13 thoughts on “I’m Going on a Hike! 

  1. Doesn’t sound too hard! You’ll be walking downhill! Seriously now, enjoy yourself, take in all of natures riches and experience a lifetime adventure! Peace, Kyle (: ps: if you see sasquatch tell him he still owes me $20.00!

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  2. I admire how you said you were going to do this( even against my wishes) and have followed through. I’m going to miss you and will constantly be thinking of you. I will pray for your safety , health and your happiness throughout this adventure! I love you to pieces!

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  3. What an amazing adventure!!! I am sure many talk of doing what you are doing but few actually follow through and do it. It takes a strong person mentally and emotionally to do this solo…take one day at a time and when you finish you will have accomplished such a feeling of self worth! Good for you K B we send our love and best wishes for a safe journey! ⛰🏕⛺️👍😉💕

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  4. You are so lucky to be hiking in the beautiful NC mountains!! I love the mountains as much as I love the beach, so this would be right up my ally too. I wonder if any retired folks take on this hiking adventure – I will investigate – as I would love to go (not by myself though) when I retire and have the time!! Take in all the beauty that the east coast has to offer and I will keep you in my prayers and know that Aunt Carol Loves You Kimberly and that I look forward to reading more about your GR8 Adventures!!

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